Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer so far

Well, I just realized that it's been about 7 weeks since I blogged. Sad. Since that time, we've finished the school year, and moved into summer. This summer is going to be pretty relaxed. We got a water park pass, so we can go up there whenever we want a beach-like experience. They have slides, and a lazy river. It's almost a date, because the kids can run around without us.

I've changed my work schedule to 3 days a week from 9-4. That way I don't have to leave the house on Friday. It makes a big difference in that summery feeling, and I get to spend more time with Will and the kids.

Our whole family went to camp with the elementary kids from church. Will and I were counselors. It was a good time. We were focusing on hearing from the Lord via the Holy Spirit. One boy had swimmers' ear, and couldn't hear anything out of one of his ears. During one of the sessions, the teacher said, "OK everyone, lets' turn on our listening ears!" When he did that, all of a sudden he heard a bunch of gurgling and clicking and his ear was healed! So that was a prophetic picture of what the Lord wanted to do with us--open our ears to hear him. We spent some time on the last day practicing hearing and seeing what the Lord was saying. It was very powerful to see the kids in action, and good practice for me, too!

Right now Will and Madeline are on the middle school camp trip. It's also been a great time. So far 13 kids have been saved, and there is still another night ahead of them.

Last night I got to go to a benefit dinner for a hospital in Israel. The keynote speaker was Dennis Prager. It was really interesting to hear him talk about Jewish/Christian/American issues. He is very thought provoking...I haven't followed him much, but have heard him a few times.

I'll stop there, and hopefully do this again soon!