Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hannah Montana

Our kids watched Hannah Montana with the Petersens, and so I got another DVD at the library. I sat down and watched a couple of shows with them, and, surprisingly, I liked it! I didn't know what anyone knows...that the show is about Miley Cyrus who is also Hannah Montana, but most her friends don't know. Anyway, we found a bunch of Miley Cyrus music on playlist, and I actually like some of it! All this time I've been scoffing at the Hannah M underwear and tee shirts at Walmart, and no, I still won't be buying them, nor do my girls want them. But, she's actually a good singer! I've put two of the songs I like on my Playlist.

Without a TV, I usually catch on to pop trends about 3 years late, which I don't mind. More noteably, I also recently got season 1 disc 1 of 21 Jumpstreet, which I never watched in High School. So I'm almost 20 years late for that one. Will never watched it either, so now we're having an 80's/90's flashback along with pre-Pirates/Demon Barber Johnny Depp. More of an Edward Scissorhands/Gilbert Grape experience.

Friday, October 16, 2009

While the cat's away

Tonight the Petersens came over for an early dinner, and then William and Darren went to church for the Issachar conference this weekend. Meanwhile, the kids watched Camp Rock (cheesy) and played, and then we pulled out the jumbo marshmallows.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama's Prize

When I heard that Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I immediately asked the radio announcer, "What for?" What was funny was that the two NPR announcers who talked about it during the next segment seemed to have the same question. One even listed off all the things that Obama hadn't done...Guantanamo is still open, the two wars are in progress, and Afganistan is growing, and a few other things. Then, on MSN there was an opinion poll, and like me, 63% of those who answered agreed that he didn't deserve the prize- he hasn't done anything yet. Later when I went back to the poll it was gone.

As I thought more on the subject, I realized the political problems with accepting the prize. If he does a lot of great things, he'll be OK 10 years from now. If he bombs out and his big ambitions aren't accomplished, the prize is going to look like a joke. I think that if it were me, I'd say, "Thanks so much for the honor, but I need to decline so that history can play out first."