Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eye Masters Miracle

This week we needed to buy our girls new glasses. We did our budget, figured out what to expect during the next month, and of course we were short. That’s just life with a family. We set our limit for the glasses, and off we went.

To make our grand budget plan work, we needed to stay below a certain amount for each frame. So the girls looked and tried on and squinted their way through the small choices available to them. Of course nothing was right. So we began figuring out little ways to flex… “Well, we haven’t spent all of your Christmas money yet, how about making this part of your gift?” and “OK, you can go up $10.00 to the next group of frames.”

A long, agonizing time later, we finally found two frames that worked. We were spending more than we wanted to, but everyone was happy. As we began to ring up the frames, we realized that one of them was an adult frame that had been left accidentally in the children’s section. This ruined the entire deal, so we had to go back to the drawing board.

By this time we’re exhausted, hungry, and tired of the whole thing, and the salesperson feels the same way. We’re laboring under this stifling budget boundary. Suddenly Will decided that we could flex, and go up $10 to the next category of frames. The moment he did, everything lifted. We immediately found the right frames-they were better than the first pair.

As we rang up the new frames, we were mentally adding up the costs. We expected to be about $50 over budget. But when we were given the total, it came to $1.00 less than our original limit. WHAT? One of the pairs was mispriced. We exchanged glances, said, “Yes, thank you very much!” and left in amazement.

So what did the Lord teach us? That he is in charge of the provision. We have to flex, and not be legalistic and religious in our effort to make sure there is enough. He allowed us to stay within our boundary. He blessed the girls with the frames they wanted. But it wasn’t until we let go of the rigid grip on the provision that He could work his plan.

We call this our miracle at Eye Masters because the Lord was saying, “Look! See that I am the master of your provision! Relax and let me bless you.”