Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here come the Dollars

The Dollars are about 45 minutes away as I write this. Everyone was on pins and needles waiting, so I took a nap, and Will and the kids watched Rocky #1. They've watched the seems that this is the time in their lives for an introduction to that venerable series. They already knew "Eye of the Tiger" because of Wii Rock Band with the Petersens last summer. Before that, Will took the kids swimming, and I made Sam's Bday cake for Monday, and some banana bread for breakfast tomorrow.

I have also been doing cleaning projects around the house. I even hung the pictures differently above the piano, and in the living room. That project precipitated a spot painting project around the house, so now those little ratty white spots where things have bumped the walls are all better. Thank you Will.

I'm enjoying my summer schedule, which is work T-Th 9-4, instead of T-F 9-2. I'm able to stay later because Will is home, but then I have the benefit of an extra day with the fam. It's worth powering through that late afternoon nap time.

So, we're looking forward to taking the Dollars to church with us tomorrow, going to Rudy's BBQ, swimming, talking, playing. It will be fun.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Well, we've made it through this week. Thursday was the last day of school for the kid; Will's last day was Friday. The last week of school is usually pretty busy-with class parties, lugging home books, stuff like that.

On top of that, we also had a fun Memorial Day party with the Petersens-we BBQ'd, swam, and took pictures. We continued the good-bye process, culminating in a group hug of crying children at the end. We were blessed with the Petersens' piano, and we traded refrigerators because they were leaving theirs with the house, and I had the brain wave of trading and leaving my not so nice one with their house instead. That was Thursday-we rented a Uhaul, and got two strong guys from church to do the loading and unloading of the piano and fridge. It was scary to watch the ramp flex and bend under all that weight. God bless John and Aaron (and Will and Darren) for their feats of strength.

I'm so excited to have the piano. Madeline has already been sight reading music from some books we have. The gift of that piano is going to have a big impact on us. I want to find a friend who can give us a group piano lesson or two so that we can at least learn how to position our hands correctly.

Friday was D-day. The kids and I went over to the Petersens' house and helped Jenn clean and pack. Her goal was the leave at noon, and they pulled out close to 1:00, so I'd say that was a success. More tears, but by this time we'd sort of worn ourselves out, so it wasn't too bad. We waved them off, and promptly went to Wendy's for frostys. That helped. By the time we'd made a few stops, we felt better.

So now, we have the summer before us. The Dollars are arriving in one week-today the kids worked on their rooms. Then, two weeks after they leave, we go to church summer camp, and then California right after that. The Lord knew we needed a fun summer to look forward to, and here it comes!