Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Photos

You can see a little of how much Sam loves the train. He spends most the day playing with it. We had a fun time getting ready for Christmas.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Christmas Train

I will have some photos as soon as I find the cord to load them onto the computer. Last night we got our Christmas tree, and unearthed some of our decorations. It was especially fun and special because this is the first Christmas in three that we are in our own home. I haven't enjoyed the Christmas set up this much before. The kids are also old enough to really join in and have fun.

We have a train that we put around the bottom of the tree. It makes a lot of noise, and even puts out some smoke. Sam is totally in love with it. He was so excited last night when we got it out, and all he wants to do is play with the train. At bedtime, he wanted to take the whole thing with him into his crib. We told him that he could only take the engine, and even that was hard for him. But we got him to bed with out too many tears at leaving the beloved train. He is able to get it all aligned on the track, which isn't the easiest thing. I can tell that he will have major memories over this.

I have also been having fun with Madeline and Abigail this year. They are getting so big, and I can trust them with more responsiblity. Madeline and I were carrying a heavy box full of Christmas stuff up the stairs, and she was walking backwards. I was looking into her face as we walked, and I was thinking, "Baby Madeline is helping me carry a big box upstairs. This is so wierd." I can't believe how fast they grow. Abby has been a great helper to me lately too. She unlocks the front door, gets the mail for me, and likes to be independant. Yesterday I let her buy herself some gum with her own money. She loves to make choices for herself. I am enjoying seeing the differences between the girls as they grow.

Monday, December 05, 2005

That Suspended Feeling

William and I are in kind of a strange place in life right now. We know that it is getting to be time to move on from "the desert" and we can tell that changes are coming. Its exciting to be anticipating new things. However, we don't know what the new things will be. We have a number of different options in the hopper.

Most of you know that I am applying to Wheaton College to finish up my degree. Lots of hurdles have to be crossed if that is going to happen...Getting accepted, financial aid, William's job, a place to live and so on. If we actually make it there I feel like its a miracle. There are other possibilities too...William's exact job is up in the air. He has decided not to pursue Special Education, since it requires so much more schooling, at least here in California. So, there are questions about what will happen next year.

I have this picture in my head of me: I am leaping, suspended in mid-air with a really goofy grin on my face. I am excited about the future, but I have no clue where I am going to land. It's a little exhausting. In the meanwhile, William is applying for anything that sounds like fun, or a viable possiblility. Throw lots of bread out into the water, and see what comes back. I'll be just as excited as anyone to see what happens.

On the home front, Sam got a fever about three days ago for 36 hours stright. The day before yesterday, his whole mouth broke out in canker sores. He no longer had a fever, but I took him to the doctor yesterday. The doctor thought it was just cold sores. She said that it is normal for little kids to get a fever the first time they get canker sores. OK. So, today he is feeling a lot better. He still has canker sores, but they don't seem as painful. I hope this doesn't happen again soon.

Madeline and Abigail got two small fake trees from Grandma DeHart which they put in their room and decorated. I'm really enjoying this first Christmas season in three years in our own place. It is going to be exciting to get out the old decorations and put up the tree this week. I also made an advent wreath, and we are doing the readings together on Sunday nights. The girls are getting old enough to really enjoy and remember special meaning and traditions.