Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's Been A Long Time Since I Worked This Hard

Today is the T minus one day in which we loaded the 26' rental truck with all our earthly posessions. William's uncles Jim and Jock, came and helped us, along with Dan and Jacquie. So, I figured out that we all worked 4 or 5 hours apeice, which adds up to 25-30 hours of work. Wow.

Yesterday, our good friends Jamie and Christina came over, and we all worked together finishing all the boxing and bagging and cleaning out things. It has been such a blessing to have friends and family help us with this huge task, and it was a lot more fun, too.

I have to tell a funny story about the Penske Truck rental pickup place. We drove this morning out to a part of Lancaster I'd never visited before, and for good reason. I was wondering if the store was really there because we were driving through Joshua Trees and tumbleweeds all alone, when we saw the place on the side of the road. We pulled into the dirt driveway, avoiding chickens, roosters and one large peacock who was showing off his plumes. We knew we were in the right place, because there were a number of Penske trucks parked in the yard. The business turns out to be a family owned business/homestead that has been in operation for 46 years. We walked into building, and began to notice the many collections lining the walls. There were Precious Moments figures, Pepsi bottles, various antiques, soaps and lotions for sale, more figurines behind glass, a lifesized poster of John Wayne, some calendars for tracking your pregnancy, a special pet food display, and two cats wandering it all.

We eventually got called back behind the partition, where Grandma was at the computer (grandpa was down with the flu), auntie was at the other desk, and two grandsons were around playing with the other computer. We sat down on our side of the desk facing the sign on the back of the computer that said, "If you are rude, mean, or just plain difficult there will be a $10.00 charge added to your bill for the trouble." We tried to be extra nice. And, it was necessary because our records didn't come up when our name was entered. Next, when it did come up, it suddenly disappeared. There was a five minute mystery until Grandma ferrited out the fact that Grandson had just unplugged a cord on the router, thus cutting off the internet. That got fixed, and we were back in business.

All the while, William was getting more and more nervous. I, on the other hand, was giggling at the uniqueness of the situation and surroundings. At one point, Betty came in. She was a skinny lady with long grey hair in a ponytail under a baseball cap. She wore an old flannel, and very baggy jeans that had seen many days of work. She told us in a raspy command that we had better be sure to buy insurance for the tow dolly, because one time some people had turned down the coverage and the dolly had been stolen, so they had to pay around $3000. Grandma sent her out to do her job, which was to locate the dolly, attach it to the truck, and bring the truck around. I think she is in charge of the outdoor inventory. I was just delighted to find so many unusual people in this unusual place, and it really started the day off right. We finally got everything settled, and left with our huge truck.

So, tonight we are relaxing, and having a BBQ sendoff at the DeHarts. We'll try to go to bed early, and leave around 5:00 tomorrow morning. We are going to take the more northern route through Flagstaff, AZ, Albequirqe, NM, and Amarillo, TX. It is supposed to be a much more beautiful route, and for us here in Palmdale, it is also more direct. Next time I'll try to post some photos of the move.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Direction

Well, things are getting clearer. We have been waiting for some confirmation from the Lord about where to go, and, interestingly enough, He seems to be pointing towards Texas. I won't go into the various details, but things are pointing that way, and there is no other indication of somewhere else.

So, we are going to go for it, knowing full well that the Lord can do something dramatic to show us differently if we are off base.

We are leaving CA on April 30th in a moving van with the Hyundai towing behind. I'll drive the Mazda, and we'll do it in three days. We'll be moving in with Erin and Jim, while William finds a job, and we hunt for a house. Happily, there is a teacher job fair on May 8th which he can attend.

And, excitingly, we can actually afford to buy a home there. I'm a little dazed even imagining owning a home, since I've given up on the idea so completely as long as we're a one income family in Californa. I feel like living in Palmdale has helped prepare us for Texas weather, and I have gotten used to seeing most of the sky, which I like.

So, that's the latest. Please feel free to pray for us with the job and home hunt, and for safety as we travel.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some News

Well, as most of you know, I have been waiting for news to see whether or not I was accepted to Wheaton. I got my letter today, and I was not accepted. Interestingly, William had a dream about a month ago in which we got the non-acceptance letter, so I kind of had to process the possibility then. So, while I am sad, I am also feeling a sense of relief in finally knowing for sure. I had to come to the place where I could trust the Lord to do the best for me, even if it was different that what I believed was best. And I know that He has dreams for my life that I have no concept of at this point.

This does leave us with less direction than we would have had if I'd been accepted, but it also feels like we have freedom for anything. We are waiting to see what the next path is. Oh, we gave our 30 day notice at the apartment, so we will be moving by April 30th for sure. The questions is, Where? There is always Texas, with Erin and Jim, who are being very encouraging and helpful to make the path smooth. We'll just see what happens in the next 22 days.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now I know what it means to be "Tagged"

When Ariana tagged me, I actually didn’t know what that meant. I figured it out tonight when I was reading Aunt Lu’s blog, and I laughed at my own ignorance. So finally, Ariana, here you go…

Four jobs I've had in my life:
Wallpaperbook organizer/ duster of ornate objects for JP Adams in Whittier
Receptionist for Parkville Insurance
Customer Service Rep for Parkville Insurance

Four movies I can watch over and over again:
Pride and Prejudice (the five hour version)
The Prince of Egypt
My Fair Lady
Beauty and the Beast
(It probably seems juvenille to have cartoons on my list, but have you heard the music in these two?)

Four places I have lived:
Next door to the Mortuary, La Habra
The Homeplace, Whittier
The In-law’s, Agua Dulce
The “Affordable Housing” Complex, Palmdale

Four TV shows I love to watch (on DVD, rented from Hollywood Video):
Arrested Development (hilarious, thanks Ariana and Jared for the tip)
The Shield (Great writing, relationally/ character driven, but not for the faint of heart)
Alias seasons 1-3

Four places I have been on vacation (or just a trip:)
California Coast
Victoria, BC
Mindanao, Philippines
Grand Junction, CO

Four web sites I visit daily:
I don’t get online daily, but when I do, I
Look at blogs
Check the news at the Yahoo home page
Balance the checkbook at the bank site
Salivate over the Jjill clothing

Four of my favorite foods:
Pumpkin Seeds
Whipped cream on fruit, or scones

Four places I would rather be right now:
In our next home
On vacation at a hotel on the Calif coast
At the Huntington Library
Visiting with friends

Four people I am tagging:
Heather Shackelford (hee hee)