Friday, September 20, 2013

What's going on these days

Firstly, Happy Birthday Madeline!

School has started up again, so we are all back in a schedule. The first few weeks were a big adjustment, but now we are more used to it. Last year my goal was to make healthier lunches, and I did a good job on using fresh fruit, non packaged stuff, protein snacks, and water instead of juice. This year my goal is to avoid using baggies whenever possible. So I bought containers with compartments and lids. So far, so good!

Madeline is a junior this year, Abigail is a freshman, and Sam is in 6th, enjoying middle school. They have classes they like, and the switch to middle and high school has been good for Sam and Abby. They were both ready to stretch their wings a bit. So far this year has been a little easier for Madeline, and she has good teachers. They all do. I'm so happy to be living here in TX with the benefits of this school system. Sam is learning clarinet in beginning band, and Abby is in dance class for PE. She wants to try out for the school dance team next year.

I thought I'd put up some photos and a video of Madeline and John Dickson from church playing "At Last." They are going to play it for a wedding on Saturday. Madeline and two of her friends from orchestra are also doing all the rest of the wedding music. Its a big responsibility, and they've been practicing a lot.