Friday, May 04, 2012

38 Today

I have been so blessed today by all the love and gifts. Mom and Heather both sent me beautiful quilts.....I was blown away by their thoughtfulness. Thank you again! And I couldn't help wondering what the Lord is saying through the non-coincidence. Whenever Jesus said something twice it was important. Verily, verily.

Its amazing how Facebook changes a birthday! Since I get all my comments texted to me my phone was buzzing all day long. I felt special.

In between buzzes I also got some phone calls, and I worked for a few hours, and drove with Sam down to Fort Worth to help Will with his school carnival. It was hot and sticky. We had to shut down half hour early because of a thunderstorm that rolled it. I didn't mind because I was drenched with sweat and tired of standing up. Tomorrow will be more relaxing with a chance for a fun dinner out with the fam.

In between all the other distractions I had a few moments to ponder the meaning of life as a 38 year old, and wonder if perhaps I should do something about the fact that I don't really like the look of my kind of flabby upper arms, and my squashy midsection. The seeds for these thoughts began when Will and I went to get him a gym membership and the girl asked me what my fitness goals were. My mind actually went blank, and I realized that I had none. Combine this experience with a new friendship with a mom from Sam's baseball team who is 7 years older than me and looks great....and probably actually has a budget for things that help with that, and you have a recipe for some introspection on outward appearance.

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Robin said...

Two quilts! How very fun. Maybe the Lord wants you to be very cozy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love you so much, Heidi! So glad you had a wonderful day yesterday. Dad

Grandma Seelye said...

Love this good report!! Love you!!